The preparatory courses were organized in 1991. The activity of the preparatory courses is directed to prepare students for entrance examinations to medical and biological institutions. Students study biology, chemistry,and Russian during this time. Course Duration – 8 months.


Medical Academy Named After S.I. Georgievsky Of Vernadsky is expertise in the field of General Medicine. It is home to many scholars who have successfully completed the Medicine studies and has established themselves as successful doctors. Starting from Microbiology to Anatomy, Medical Academy Named After S.I. Georgievsky Of Vernadsky provides intensified medical study program to the students with proper infrastructural facilities Course Duration – 6 Years


The word Nursing is derived from the Latin word ‘NUTRIRE’ which means ‘to nourish’. The main concept of studying nursing is to nurture a patient till he becomes completely cure. The study of nursing completes when it follows these three aptitudes viz: medical research, organizational research and managerial research. In Medical Academy Named After S.I. Georgievsky Of Vernadsky we provide world level professional skills along with proper counseling that includes proper dealing with the patients. Course Duration - 4 years

General Dentistry

The professional cycle of dentistry in Medical Academy Named After S.I. Georgievsky Of Vernadsky includes : prevention and communal dentistry, prosthetics, oral surgery, cariesology . At higher levels students study general medical disciplines - general surgery, obstetrics, dermatovenereology, neurology, psychiatry, etc. The combined pathology and tactics of a dentist in the treatment of patients with general somatic diseases is also included in the syllabus. Graduates of the Medical Academy Named After S.I. Georgievsky Of Vernadsky enjoy the specialization and proficiency of a dentist-therapist, a dental surgeon, an orthopedic dentist, a children's dentist. Course Duration - 5 years.

Health- Care Management

The largest part of the public sector is the health care sector; Hospital Management or Health-care Management is very quite unique and is different from other management programs. The program is designed for graduates who are willing to pursue a profession as head health authorities. The program has theoretical disciplines for specialized knowledge, and learning practical skills that a management professional should acquire. Graduates from Medical Academy Named After S.I. Georgievsky Of Vernadsky are both managers and administrators of hospitals or owners of pharmacy companies serving medical services. Course Duration – 3 years


A specialist in Pharmacy ie a pharmacist broadly means a person who understands two major aspects of medicines, the type and characteristic, A pharmacist has to orient himself according to the authentic position of the pharmaceutical market. Professional activity includes knowing the medicines, technologies used for the development of Medicines as well as quality analysis and circulation of medicines. Course Duration - 4 years.