General Dentistry

The second most preferred course after Medicine in Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky of Vernadsky  is General Dentistry. Studying Dentistry in Russia has taken a new dimension in the last few years. Crimea State Medical University is a pioneer in this aspect and students from every corner of the world visit the campus with the urge to study General Dentistry.

Course duration and module:

The course curriculum of faculty of Dentistry completes in 5 academic years. In these 5 years, the student is able to master all the basics of biology and medical profile as well as the clinical profiles that are required to become a successful dentist. The student has to pass all the exams successfully to complete the graduation and henceforth will be awarded the degree of BDS.

The course of General dentistry in the university covers each and every aspect of the subject with great precision. The descriptive courseware has attracted a lot of international students.

For the first 3 Years, students study theory and from 4th year onwards they enter the clinical field that also includes therapeutic and orthopaedic Stomatology. With the help of eminent and skilled teachers, students reach the depth of each and every module of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and other fields.

Crimea State Medical University has a metal-ceramic laboratory as well as a laboratory for high frequency melting and casting of dentures for the students to learn in a proper manner. The special dental departments are set up in the university and students can learn the actual problems of dentistry faced by the patients- caries, diseases involved with the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity, paradonthosis, and many others. The faculty of dentistry at Crimea State Medical University focuses on the perfection of education and raising good dentists of the future. It principally aims at the cognitive activity of the students, developing the habit of doing research in them and training them with the creative technique of approach required for professional activity.

Medium of Instruction:

The university makes sure that the courseware can be studies both in Russian as well as the English language. The International students have the benefit to study the course in full English medium.

Untreated Dental Problems are the most common chronic disease around the world and so, becoming a Dentist is a great achievement and help to the common people. Students interested to get the best education in Dentistry in Russia have to visit the campus Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky of Vernadsky .