General Medicine

Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievskyof Vernadsky  is one of the most desired study destinations for international students, especially for the ‘General Medicine’ faculty. International students across the globe take admission to Crimea State MedicalUniversity and find this university as the best for studying Medicine in Russia. It all started in 1961 when 6 students from Greece visited Simferopol to study Medicine.

Why study Medical Science at Crimea State Medical University:

Medical science deals with the art of healing. It includes various healthcare practices progressing gradually to uphold and restore physical wellbeing by preventing and treating the sickness concerned. Modern-day medicine uses advanced medical technology to diagnose and treat diseases. These treatments can be through oral medication, surgery, or any other therapy as per requirement. The advancement in the medical field came through the regular research and dedication of the eminent doctors. Thus studying Medicine happens to be the most satisfying for most students and Crimea State Medical University is the ultimate place to earn this satisfaction. The number of Foreign Students who want to study Medicine in Russia is constantly growing and the growth in the number of students for CRIMEA STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY is visibly noticeable too. We believe students taking admission at Crimea State Medical University is taking the right decision for the most obvious reason-making the people feel that doctors by providing healthcare services can make a difference in society. Crimea StateMedical University is known globally because of its novel education, clinical training, and research programs. Our award-winning, esteemed faculty members endeavor for improvement and excellence in the classroom, the laboratory as well as in the clinic. The faculty members know each and every student since the class size is smaller compared to other universities.

The Learning Process and Course Duration:

Seven to Ten International students study in a group along with local Russian students. The students from 2nd Year start attending their clinical studies with the view of gaining experience about proper treatment strategies for the patients. The Clinical subjects are taught from 3rd year of medical studies. Students can learn any topic of interest and gain knowledge in that department. The Total course duration is of 6 years and all the years are equally important. Students have to pass all 6 years to become a successful graduate of the Medicine program.

Medium of Instruction:

The medium of instruction in the faculty of Medicine is both English and Russian language. But it specifically focuses on the English Medium program for foreign students so that they don’t face any language problem. After completion of five years of study, the successful students go for graduation work for another year under probation to gain general registration. There is a wide range of specialization available in both public and private sectors including research, public health, clinical medicine, academic medicine, and other areas. Specialties comprise of Cardiology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Psychological Medicine, Surgery, Pathology, PublicHealth, General Practice, and others.
Being a good doctor is what an aspiring student wants. Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievskyof Vernadsky  is that place where you will not only get world-class medical education but also the proper infrastructure and clinical demonstration to understand Medicine at its best. If studying Medicine in Russia is what a student wants, Crimea State Medical University is the campus that is worthy to visit.