Preparatory Courses

The preparatory courses were organized by Crimea State Medical University in 1991 and since then it is a structural unit of the university. The duration for preparatory courses is generally 8-10 months. The academic year starts in September-October. Eminent faculties of university give lectures for the preparatory courses. These faculties have immense experience and had worked with several higher institutions in Germany, Turkey, Cuba. The Preparatory Department of the V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University achieved the fourth higher grade of accreditation of the institutions of higher education in Russia is one of the best in the Crimea.

The Preparatory Department of CSMU provides foreign students with the following subjects:

– Russian language
– Biology
– Physics
– Chemistry
– Regional Studies
– Elective course of medical terminology in English

The subjects of the training of students are determined by the program they will take up in the Russian universities.

The preparatory courses in CSMU are especially for entrance examinations to medical and biological higher institutions. At the preparatory department , students are entitled to study biology, chemistry and Russian for 8 months. Classes last for 3 academic hours, twice a week for every subject.

More than 200 students study preparatory courses every year and their number are likely to increase.

Why study preparatory courses in Crimea State Medical University?

The preparatory course is mainly organized for students who want to study medicine in Russia. The necessity of studying the Russian Language to stay and work in Russia is immense and is unavoidable. If a student intends to study medicine in CSMU and work in Russia, he/she must know the language well. Further, it is an advantage if the student is able to communicate with the local patients in their local language.

After graduation students are entitled to receive an officially recognized certificate of graduation permitting them to apply to any Russian institution of higher education. The excellence of training in the Preparatory Department enhances successful education in higher education institutions with medical, biological, and technical specialization.

Preparatory Department Students have free access to the library, computer lab (including Internet), polyclinic, and gymnastics facilities of the University. Five student hostels of the University provide accommodation in suitable rooms for 2-3 persons. The hostels have a beautiful location in the park region and the city center within the walking distance from the university premises.

Students of the Preparatory Department are allowed to receive free medical treatment in a special student polyclinic located within the premises of the University.

The Good reputation of the Preparatory courses is because of the fact that more than 70% of students became medical students in the last three years. Further, it has been seen that students of preparatory departments are more successful in studying the basic subjects.